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 An ancient home, now, an ancient burial (History)

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An ancient home, now, an ancient burial (History) Empty
PostSubject: An ancient home, now, an ancient burial (History)   An ancient home, now, an ancient burial (History) EmptyThu Jun 02, 2016 8:14 am

Once, in this sacred place, people flocked and laughed, enjoyed their times and tended to their own games when they wished. Now, we come to this place once more, and see an empty home, people have moved on, the platform of games we played grew old, and only a few linger to enjoy what we once had.
But, the time has come... It is finally time to lay rest this old place, and wonder if someday it will come back anew. Stronger, better, and livelier than before; it may come tomorrow, the next generation, or never at all... But only time will truly tell what will happen
For now, this site will meet the cold shoulder, emptiness, as it has experienced over the past few months... Until it is returned to a commanding room, or becomes under new management, then we may either rejoice, or enjoy that it lives once more

This is Erokusan, an ancient guardian of... Damn is it really 3 homes now?
This, like many other places, will be buried until she sees the dawn of new light...
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An ancient home, now, an ancient burial (History)
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