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Growing Chocobo
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PostSubject: Z-pocalypse   Z-pocalypse EmptyTue Dec 24, 2013 1:12 am

At one time, the world was at some kind of peace. It was not perfect, but people were happy and prosperous. However, with happiness is followed at some point, destruction. A group of scientists from across the world made a sole purpose to create a vaccine to cure every known disease. It was a fool's dream in most of the world's eyes, but they were determined. They made their lab in the UK and decided to start with STDs. They were quite hard to deal with if you didn't have something to help prevent it and sometimes it didn't matter. After a few years of research and developing, they managed to create a cure for AIDs. They made it known to the world after carefully testing it on a volunteer. They showed no signs of having AIDs and made mass amounts and sent it across the world. 

Countless successes after that were made and nearly every STD had a cure. Victory was in their hands as they helped millions of people. Well as I said before, with happiness follows destruction. A few weeks after sending out a cure for the last STD, they got a terrifying call. The cures they made were causing multiple deaths and it wasn't stopping there. After a couple of hours, they begin to move again. It seems like a miracle until they are sinking their teeth into someone's skin. Whatever they created, it wasn't a cure. It was a virus and is giving the infected people the name zombies. The scientists tried to find an answer, but somehow the zombies infiltrated the lab and killed them all. Every day, hundreds are turned into these walking dead. 

A year has gone by and 85% of the world's population is either dead or a zombie. The remainder of the living population is either hiding in their homes, boarded up and blocked up so they can't get in, living on ships that the military control, or have become scavengers. The world is a big and as dangerous as ever. What will your fate be?

This is Zev here. I shall be your narrator for the story that is yet to come. You really have only two options, survive on your own and kill your way through the world or sit safely on a military ship where you must follow every rule they make and the upcoming ones that they end up having to make. 

If you choose to live out on your own, you can meet up with other survivors that you come by and either join them, kill them so you can take their things, or ignore them. Its your choice really, I can't really do much for you. 

Now if you choose the safety of a ship, then you will either have to help around or get booted off the boat, which will cause you be become a survivor. If you continue to do well and possibly prove to have military skills, you may be able to join the ranks and help clean up the world of the undead population so the world can rebuild itself and start anew. 

What will you choose? And choose wisely...

Alright so here's a little application for the remaining members to do. I know it'll probably be only a few if any at all, but I'm think it'll be fun since I kind of messed up the last one. Anyways here's the app that you'll need to fill out.

[b]Name[/b] :: It can be anything you wish
[b]Age[/b] :: Be reasonable on your age, it has to be an age where you're
strong enough to hold a gun.
[b]Gender[/b] :: Just so I know and possibly if anyone else can't figure it
[b]Appearance[/b] :: It can either be typed out or a picture can be in. If
you use a picture, please use the spoiler code so it doesn't take a lot of
space. If the picture is too big and you need to shrunk, send it to me and
I'll have it sent back to you. I prefer the picture be at the maximum
[b]Personality[/b] :: Give us a brief description of at least two paragraphs minimum.
[b]Brief History[/b] :: Just start around the beginning of the breakout and
go from there. If it ends up long, use the spoiler code.

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Angelic Chocobo
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PostSubject: Re: Z-pocalypse   Z-pocalypse EmptySun Jan 19, 2014 5:37 am

Name :: Jack Bruce Oswald (Nickname: Giant Jack)

Age :: 34

Gender :: Male

Appearance :: Jack stands approximately 6 feet 11 inches, and has a very solid frame, many of his limbs looking as if they somewhat muscular but not fully toned, and overall, he weighs in around 290 pounds (this being where Jack earned his nickname from). He has short snow white hair which usually looks unkempt. One of his eyes is emerald green, and the other is sky blue. He sports rather regular looking facial features besides this, and he doesn't really draw attention to it. His normal attire is usually a T-shirt (in a solid color), and black cargo pants, storing what he calls "supplies" in its many pockets. Usually tied around his waist or visible somewhere on his body is a light pink blanket with a white floral pattern on it, belonging to his late sister. Around his left wrist is a wristwatch which, by its design, shows that it's meant for a multitude of purposes beyond telling time. Jack is also occasionally seen wearing gray gloves when travelling. He also has a long dark brown jacket where he keeps more of what he calls "supplies". Around his neck is a pair of goggles, both the lense holders and the headband being dark brown and appear to be slightly worn. He wears heavy boots which are thought to be steel-toed and has yet to be seen without them on, for "safety" reasons.

Personality :: Jack is practically the textbook definition of determined. If there's supplies he needs to obtain, he will do whatever is necessary (saving violence as a last resort) to obtain what he needs. He only takes what he needs however, and only takes what he considers vital, often leaving many other possessions behind, believing they will drag him down. He values strength and survival above all, and will not hesitate to use any means at his disposal if it means he will live on. He has been forced to take a few lives since the breakout started, and he considers it necessary in certain cases.

Giant Jack was always able to think on his feet, and quickly adapt to a changing situation, and the many months he's spent near the mountains, dubbed the "Southern Retreat", and the surrounding wasteland has only built on these skills. It was this quick thinking that has saved his life on many occasions, and often got him a few more much-needed supplies in the process. His actions are not often planned out that far in advance, but he can change up a plan on the fly, and work with it as long as he needs to until his goals are met.

Giant Jack tends to keep his knowledge of the landscape t and supply caravans to himself. Despite this, however, he rarely turns down an opportunity to talk with someone else, usually inside the hut of another survivor while he looks around for supplies and trades for what he needs. He has been known to give away excess supplies to someone in need if he has them, normally at no cost. This is not a matter of giving trust in his eyes, but it's what he believes his parents and sister would have wanted of him. It's said that Jack won't bother you if you don't bother him, or try to swindle him out of his supplies. If you can earn his trust, well, noone really knows since the only person who ever earned his trust (and admiration) was his sister.

Jack apparently is a very big fan of cherry popsicles. This is due to it being a favored sweet treat when he was younger and it has become a rarity in the time since the walking dead plagued the land.

Brief History :: Before what he calls "The Surge" happened, Jack was a practicing martial artist, practicing both Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. If he was known for anything when he attended class or tournaments, he showed respect to his opponents and never resorted to cheap tactics or unfavorable moves to win. He was often seen showing great sportsmanship when defeated, often congratulating his opponent with a respectful bow, and a handshake later on. On a few occasions, he even forfeited matches for using an illegal move or tactic that the referee missed, even if it looked as though he was going to win. He often worked as a department store shelf stocker for his income, and lived a simple (and in his eyes, pleasant) life. Those days were before The Surge happened. Those days were when his sister was still alive and supporting him.

His sister passed away from mysterious circumstances just a few days after the virus began turning into a pandemic. He used this virus as a reason to leave his hometown, most likely for good. He knew staying here would just be too painful for him, and his sister would've wanted him to move on and see the world like she wanted to. One morning, he packed up many supplies and whatever he could get his hands on and left town in a moderately sized car. When he left, it's thought that he saw the numerous mountains far off in the distance, and headed there to make his new home  on the mountains, but since no-one has ever been able to successfully follow him to his hideout, it's uncertain how much truth there is to this.

He now spends most of his time wandering the wasteland, something he's named "The Cracked Land" and the Southern Retreat, mostly because he enjoys exploring. He tries not to get too close to any military camps, as he's pretty sure that they don't take kindly to strangers approaching by this point. Even with much of the human population turned to walking dead, animal population has survived, and actually thrived from what he's observed. From what Jack can tell, whatever detriment the medicine had on humans doesn't often seem to work on other animals that eat the walking dead, often just giving the animals gas, but seemingly not harming them any other way. This thriving of the animal population has been a large reason behind Jack's survival as well.

As the sun rises, he goes in search of game for his meal. It's just another day to him.

Z-pocalypse DoSxgob
Treat others as you would like to be treated. For me, those are words to live by
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